Creating beauty, valuing imperfection, living deeply. These are the mantras that guide Candise’s approach to interior styling.

Incorporating natural elements drawn from the Australian landscape, an eye for the wild and arresting, with profound licks of edge and texture bring a paradoxically simple complexity to Candise’s style.

Whether it’s your family home, a studio apartment or a special project, The Escape Co. design aesthetic is always raw, unique and beautiful. Think the bark of the eucalyptus, the first draft of a heartfelt letter, morning light on exposed brick, crows feet and laugh lines, the secret’s of an ancient soul, stumbling on an everyday miracle. The Escape Co. interiors actively abandon perfection so you can escape back to a deeper, natural and more intuitive way of living.


Our services

Our services include the following:

  • Colour consulting
  • Furniture selection
  • Art + soft furnishings selection
  • Onsite Styling