Balance + Calm

Balance + Calm


Our philosophy at The Escape Co is to live deeply and value the natural beauty that surrounds us everyday. Slow down, relax and create your own atmosphere with our incense range.

Hand-rolled with all natural ingredients there are no toxins released into your home. Each bundle of incense sticks come wrapped in linen and wax sealed.

Fragrance: White Sandalwood

Size: 8 sticks

Burn Time: 25 - 35 minutes each

Ingredients: White Sandalwood, mullein, makko, acacia gum, raw bamboo

-Santalum album

  • The honey-colored heartwood and roots of the sandal tree.

  • Description of Aroma: Soft, sweet, woody base note with a spicy, oriental undertone.

  • Emotional Attributes: Relaxing, cleansing/purifying, strengthening, meditative, sleep-inducing, sensuous, loving.

  • Medicinal Attributes: An astringent herb that cools the body, calms the mind, relives spasms and improves digestion. It has diuretic, analgesic and antiseptic properties.

  • Spiritual Attributes: Healing, protection, peace. 


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Please read all the herbal information before using any product.

Every incense is hand-rolled in Canada and is so unique as they are made from all natural ingredients, such as herbs and barks, that is unlike any other.  Our incense is made with all natural ingredients, there are no toxins or resins released into your home as with inferior commercial brands.

Burning Information
Hold flame to tip of incense ember has formed. Fan out flames necessary. Place in burner or other heat safe vessel and enjoy. Store in a cool, dry. dark place.

*Please Note: The properties/attributes listed above are for entertainment purposes only.  They are NOT intended as medical advice or for use as diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or as a substitute for consulting a licensed medical professional.