behind the brand


Stylist, artist, wife and mother of two, and founder of The Escape Co.

Candise Boston’s life has always focused on the simple act of creating beauty whether that be through her family, her art or the lives of her clients.

Born and bred in Sydney, Candise felt an intrinsic calling to create from a young age. This naturally led her to pursue a career in the arts, granting her an extensive background in graphic design, fashion, interior styling and event styling.

After giving birth to her two beautiful children, Candise felt the stirring to return to her roots and create with her bare hands again. This yearning led to the founding of The Escape Co.

More than just a styling and homewares company, The Escape Co. invokes Candise’s unique aesthetic of unrefined beauty to inspire an intimate philosophy of living.

I like my spaces and pieces to invoke a mindful, deep and intimate way of living. While of course also providing a comfortable and functional escape where you can simply turn off and relax!
— Candise Boston

our philosophy

Our philosophy is to CREATE BEAUTY, VALUE IMPERFECTIONS and to LIVE DEEPLY… Live deeply and value the natural beauty that surrounds us everyday.

Creating artisan pieces that are ECO-FRIENDLY is important to us here at The Escape Co. We use natural soy/plant-based wax throughout our range and our packaging is completely plastic free. Each piece is hand wrapped in our reusable linen wrap, paired with a small recycled paper swing tag. Each piece is created with thought, love and happiness for yourself and our planet…

We are not above nature, we are apart of nature. So what you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.